Awards & Honors

  • Ranked first in Dynamics and Control (GPA. 19/41 out of 20)and third among all Mechanical Eng. Students of Mechanical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, 2018.
  • Present among 40 top Mechanical Engineering Students from all over the country. (Scientific Olympiads for university students), 2017.
  • Ranked Five (GPA. 18.1 out of 20) among 99 Mechanical Engineering Students in Bachelor's Degree, 2017.
  • Ranked top 0.2% of 250,000 participants (669th) in the National Universities Entrance Exam known as "konkour" for B.Sc. degree, 2013.
  • Has an honorary diploma for the International Mathematics Tournament of Towns which originated in Russia, 2013.


  • Papers Review for ACC, ECC, CDC, and NMPC conferences and some journals such as ISA Transaction and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  • Teaching Assistant, Ordinary Differential Equation, Undergraduate students at University of Tabriz
  • Teaching Assistant, Automatic Control, Undergraduate students at Sharif University of Technology
  • Teaching Mathematics and Physics, High School Students